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Our Mission
To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

Howard Holloman, Jr., Board Chair

Steve Tarver, President and CEO

Letter from Leadership

As we reflect on the 167th year of the Y’s service to our region, the Mission of the Y stands at the forefront of all of our work--“To help people grow in spirit, mind, and body through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility.”

In March 2020, we had to close our membership facility doors for 77 days. But, the Y is so much more than a gym, and we were determined to continue our promise of strengthening the foundations of our community. Like so many others, we had to get creative.

New Initiatives

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, our YMCAs provided child care for essential workers, first responders, and health care professionals, serving over 2,500 children.

YMCA volunteers and staff made thousands of health and welfare calls to our senior friends and members.

In partnership with Norton Healthcare, the Republic Bank Foundation YMCA opened a drive-thru COVID-19 testing site in September 2020. In December 2020, they also opened a large vaccine clinic to help vaccinate our community at the YMCA location.

Adapting to our Communities Needs

Homeless and at-risk teens were provided safety and support at our YMCA Safe Place Shelter and Youth Development Center every day, including during our temporary shutdown in March. YMCA Safe Place never stopped receiving referrals, and to this date, has served hundreds of youth and young adults since March.

YMCA School-Age Child Care staff served hundreds of students in Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI) in our child care sites. Our heroic staff helped with virtual learning, collaborated with educational institutions, and assisted parents in supporting their children’s academic achievement.

Many people in our community experienced job loss and hardship. Even as people return to work and to the YMCA, it will take time for their financial resources to return. This is why our financial assistance program is more critical now than ever. We anticipate increased demand for financial support in all program areas, especially child care and camp. Thanks to our donors and volunteers, the Y can ensure that everyone has access to Y programs and membership regardless of their ability to pay.

Upon Reopening

On June 1, 2020, we reopened our doors to our community. In the midst of so much uncertainty around new policies and procedures, one thing was for sure: we were excited to reconnect with our members, and as it turned out, they were just as excited to reconnect with us. One member, on the day of reopening, actually hugged the wall of a Y facility!

To reconnect safely, we were committed to our robust safety protocols. We have been committed to providing the safest, cleanest environment while promoting physical distancing and masking to ensure our members, guests, and staff feel confident in our facilities and programs. We receive excellent support and many compliments on these efforts. We are proud and humbled by this feedback.

Looking to the Future

In the fall of 2020, the YMCA of Greater Louisville Association Board of Directors approved our 2020-2023 Strategic Vision. A process where a diverse group of over 600 community stakeholders was brought together to determine five aspirational areas where we can adapt to the ever-changing needs of our community. Learn more about our Strategic Vision here.

As we continue into the post-COVID environment, we recognize the significant need for meaningful social connectedness. Although physical distancing may be with us for the near future, the Y remains committed to reconnecting to our community.

Our strong commitment to the Y never changed—even when our doors were closed. We continued to serve this community before and during the pandemic, and we will ensure our Mission will be delivered for the next 167 years.


  • Matt Dickerson
  • Chris and Brooke
  • Jonathan
  • Ann

Matt Dickerson & Legacy

Matthew Dickerson is a Member Service Representative and Youth Fitness Instructor at the Republic Bank Foundation YMCA and a single father to Legacy. Matthew got custody of Legacy not long after he started working at the branch. The Y quickly became their second home. Legacy loves connecting with new people and quickly became friends with all the staff and members. “She loves to put smiles on people’s faces. Members come in here on bad days, and they see Legacy, and they love when they see Legacy, it’s automatic.”

The staff loves having Legacy around. Even though she is just six years old, she helps out and is allowed to roam around the branch interacting with members and staff alike. “You know they say it takes a village to raise a kid, and that's really true. That's what we give off here, you know, we're a village here at the YMCA.” Matthew knows that the staff and members love supporting them and watching Legacy grow.

During 2020, it was hard to find child care and to interact with others. But Matthew knew that the YMCA would be the perfect place for both of them to connect with others. While she missed out on school, she didn’t miss out on learning new things. Legacy found teachers in the Y staff and members who helped her and Matthew with her NTI lessons.

“You know, since being back in this community and everything the members have really blessed us, one thing about this community, there's Unity.”

Chris & Brooke Tobe

Chris Tobe has been a member of the YMCA for 26 years and has brought his daughter, Brooke, for all her life. Brooke was diagnosed with autism when she was just two years old. Her parents started taking her to occupational therapy a year or so after learning that she was on the spectrum. During OT, Brooke learned how to swim; she was a natural. So natural that she soon started competing. Brooke has won a state championship for swimming a few years in a row and competes in the Special Olympics.

Chris knew the pool at his YMCA branch would be the perfect place for her. Brooke has been swimming in the Northeast branch pool for 18 years now, and it's almost like a second home. When the Tobe’s started visiting the Middletown branch closer to home, Chris and Brooke found biking a great alternative to swimming without a pool. So now, every time they come into the Northeast YMCA, they start on the bikes together, and after, Brooke gets in a few laps at the pool.

Then 2020 and Covid-19 hit. Brooke needed a way to get out of the house, to find the interaction and exercise she wasn’t finding in school online. As soon as the YMCA opened to guests, the Tobe’s were back on the bikes and in the pool. Brooke loved being able to connect with the staff again. Every time they came in, she greeted all the staff she saw, talking to them about their workouts, traveling, and even her favorite foods. “With school out, this [the YMCA] is really her only outlet to the outside world.”

“The YMCA has been here for our family for the past 25 years. And the YMCA is here for all of Louisville.”

Jonathan White

Jonathan White, a single dad, is a therapist for Norton Healthcare. In 2020, when Covid-19 hit and things started closing, Jonathan’s first worry was how to take care of his daughter Courtney. “When COVID hit it, it just sent everything crazy, if you will, wondering, what am I going to do about child care? How am I going to go to work? What about school?” Thankfully the YMCA was offering emergency child care for essential workers around Louisville.

When Jonathan found out that the Republic Bank Foundation YMCA was one of the locations offering emergency child care, he couldn’t believe his luck.

He works a few days a week at the Norton Clinic located at the branch

He could bring Courtney with him to work and know she would be well taken care of. “There was a great sense of peace having her just within walking distance of his office. “Like, whenever I could take a break or go on lunch, I would be able to go peek through the windows to see what she was doing, and she would be playing and interacting with the other kids.”

Jonathan knew how important it was for Courtney to socialize with peers while she couldn’t go to school and knew this would be the perfect opportunity to get that interaction. “They really learn from their peers, especially when there's a good setup, where there's a good program, and good leadership.”

Jonathan could never have guessed how much she would love it and how many connections she would make. The child care staff loved Courtney, and she quickly made friends. She loved the staff and other children so much she asked to sign up for the Y summer camp.

Ann Amorose

Ann Amorose has been a member of the YMCA for a while. She started going to the YMCA when she lived in Pittsburgh but really fell in love with the Y after she moved to Louisville. She started her membership at the Northeast Y and enjoyed the easy access of the neighborhood branches all around the city. When she moved to Norton Commons, Ann found an even deeper connection to the Y community.

Ann would come each day to work out on her own. She never reached out to a trainer but had a good routine. She was always a little nervous about working out in a group, but one of her friends pushed her to try a group class. She loved it!

Ann quickly found a community she could depend upon. The instructors welcomed her in, and she found support in the other members. “Once people find out that you're new, they're going to want to help you, and they will walk you through it.” Ann found that group classes not only helped her connect with others but helped her build confidence.

“I'm not afraid to do things, or I don't hesitate as much as I used to.” She found herself trying new things, like going on a kayak adventure, which she would have never done before.

When the YMCA had to close due to Covid-19, Ann suddenly found a hole in her life. She missed the routine and community she had at the Y. “I just realized how much of a part of my daily routine in my life the Y had become.” She was thrilled when virtual classes were offered and felt like she got back some of the community she had lost this year.


2020 Volunteers of the Year

Courtney Giesel

YMCA Association Services

Forest Clevenger

YMCA Camp Piomingo

Kim Burse

Chestnut Street Family YMCA

Melissa Wilson

Clark County Family YMCA

Gaylee Gillim

Downtown Family YMCA

Mike Zufall

Floyd County Family YMCA

Steve Padilla

YMCA National Safe Place

Megan Schulte

Northeast Family YMCA

Heather Weston Bell

Norton Commons Family YMCA

Michelle Massey

Oldham County Family YMCA

Bridgette Johnson

Republic Bank Foundation YMCA

Sherrita Thomas

YMCA Safe Place Services

Steve Sexton

Southeast Family YMCA

Eddie Weaver Jr.

Southwest Family YMCA

Dave Brennan

Joyce Skees Memorial


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For the Period Ending December 31, 2020 Consolidated Financial Statement
(unaudited) (includes YMCA and National Safe Place)

Public Support

Community Contributions/Special Events $2,096,534
Grants & Contract Services $11,573,760
Metro United Way $289,695
In Kind $28,468

Earned Revenue

Membership Dues $13,375,711
Program Fees $8,653,912
Other $1,387,205
Total Income $37,405,285


Youth Development $13,845,572
Includes: Community Service, Safe Place Emergency Shelter, Child Care, Day and Overnight Camping, Youth Sports and Aquatics
Healthy Living $13,656,986
Includes: Youth, Teens, Adults, Seniors, Special Needs and Corporate Health
Social Responsibility $5,593,747
Includes: Black Achievers, Homeless Transitional Residence, and Education/Achievement Gap
Administration & Operations Management $3,401,584
Fund Raising $591,292
Total Expenses $37,089,181
Increase in Net Assets & Reserves $316,104
Beginning of Year End of Year
Net Assets (in millions) (audited) (unaudited)
Current Unrestricted $68.4 $69.6
Temporary Restricted $3.7 $2.8
Permanently Restricted $1.4 $1.4
Total Net Assets $73.5 $73.8


Membership Dues


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Administration and Operations Management



Thank you!

Our heartfelt thanks to all of you who give your time, talent and treasure to our Y to help strengthen this community.

Thank you to our Board Members!

Association Services Office

Howard Holloman, Jr., Chair
James R. Allen
Barry Barker
Stephen Black
Alice Bridges
Cheryl Bruner
Tricia Burke
Wendy Dant Chesser
Dwayne Compton
Greg DeMuth
Christopher M. Ecken
Jackie Floyd
Gaylee Gillim
Kim Holobaugh
Betty Kinzer
Leon Lamoreaux
Barbara Lankford
Bobby Libs
Rebecca Matheny
Mary McKinley - Treasurer
Emmett Ramser
Tracy Roberts
Ryan Sienkowski
G. Bradley Smith - Ex-Officio
Travis Triplett
Debbie Wesslund - Secretary


J. McFerran Barr, Emeritus Chair
Robert L. Hook Jr.
Joseph A. Paradis, III
Robert W. Rounsavall, III

Clark County Family YMCA

Melissa Wilson, Chair
Kimberly Baker
Denise Boesche
Kathy Van Campen
Ronald Clark
Anne Darku
Jan Finch
Judy Gettlefinger
Dave Hedge
Claire Johnson
Scottie Maples
Mario Matakovic
Jessica Matlock
Charles Neal
Donna Reed
Mary Summers
Amanda Thompson
Natalie Turner
Dustin White

YMCA at Norton Commons

Heather Weston Bell, Chair
Diane Bailey-Boulet
Arlene Baluyut
Missy Blackorby
Jordan Doepke
Stephanie Ernst
Vince Esposito
Trevor Frauhiger
Morgan Getz
Andy Gunkler
Andrew Horne
Jarad Key
Kevin Lundy
Travis Mayo
Michael Metzger
Kevin Muench
Joe Perdue
Isaiah Perkins
Ashley Porter
Ben Shown
Heather Veech
Allyson Vitato

Chestnut Street Family YMCA

Tawanda Chitapa, Chair
Nuchelle Beck
Corey Blakey
Kevin Bruce
Monique Clay
Robert Cooper
CoTrina Day
Shea Turner Dunn
Gerard Farris
Pashens Fitzpatrick
Furman Glenn
Verna' Goatley
Chartrael Hall
Shalonda Hall
Jessica Holman
Luther Ingram
Eric Jackson
Patrick Ryan Jackson
J'Aime Jennings
Modou Jobe
Sarah Lopez
Sandra Marshall
Hilary Noltemeyer
Dominique Price
Shawn L. Price
Jardane M. Rice
Jacquelynn Russell
Victoria Russell
RayShunale Smith
Thembi Tillman
Darryl VanCleave
Kellie R. Watson
Ryan Weathers
Janna Woodfork

Floyd County Family YMCA

John Abel
David Barksdale
Margaret Duncan
Jack Grace
Theresa Johnson
Irving Joshua
Ellen P. Sparrow
Michael Zufall

Republic Bank Foundation YMCA

Bridgette Johnson, Chair
Donnie Adkins
Sharon Baker
Sherman Brown
LaVon Clack
Bcindy Cummins
Ralph Fitzpatrick
Mike Gardner
Troy Gray
Craig Greenberg
Karen Haywood
LaTasha Kilgore
Terra Leavell
Susan Rainey Maquire
Amanda Mabson Payton
Jenny Recktenwald
Tiffany Roninson
Roshell Davidson Voegt
Diane Whitlock
Nicole Yates

Camp Piomingo

Jennie Davidson, Chair
Jill Beasley
Dawn Diehl
Lisa Hirsch
Damara Jenkins
Rebecca Matheny
Cheryl Matthews

National Safe Place

Mark Giuffre, Chair
Gary Colen
Michael Fitz
Mike Guinan
Pat Holterman Hommes
Jeff Lenard
Ramon Looby
Janet Ramey
Julia Richardson
Lauren Sherry
Michelle Tutunjjan
James Wallace
Gayle Watts

Northeast Family YMCA

Jim Jackson, Chair
Brittney Abell
Cleo Battle
Beverly R. Beckman
Patricia Bland
David Burks
Dale Burnham
Kate Busch
Jay Cappy
Valerie Chinn
Whitney Conely
Andrew Daley
Michael Dant
Shannon Drown
Anthony Ellis
Lisa Fay
Katherine Giles
Mark Grass
Kevin Gray
Lauren Hitron
Dorothy Inman
Cyriac Jacob
Christopher Johnson
Stephanie M. Johnson
Christopher A. Jones
Steven London
Zack E. McKee
Lindsay B. Miller
Stephanie Morgan-White
Joe Neary
Adina Nolan
N'Namdi Paskins
Blake Patterson
Lea Ann Pipes
Jane Richards
Mary A. Rohleder
Brydon Ross
Elizabeth A. Ross
Hannah Sankey
Megan E. Schulte
Cathy Shipp
Sherry Spanyer
Lee Steineker
Krista Streips
Barbara Tinsley
Melanie Vittitow
Stephanie Weidenborner
Kennedy Williams

Downtown Family YMCA

Tom Hayes, Chair
Brittney Abell
Amy Bailey
Brian Bartell
Charles Cash
William Clark
Gaylee Gillim
Mark Greer
Tobi Hammond
Robert S. Harlow, Jr
Desire Hoyt
Helene Kramer Longton
Maurice Ludwick
James Olden
Jessica Pollio
Dan Whitis
Vicki Zeller

Oldham County Family YMCA

Michelle Massey, Chair
Ryan Bowling
Carly Butler
Pedro J. DeJesus
Matthew Evans
Eric Friggle
James Griffin
Lee T. Hamilton
Austin Johnson
Tim Klein
Andrea Maxwell
Skip Miller
Natalie Pasquenza
Ralph Pratt
Charlotte Reeder
Keith Seymour
Donald Smith
Nickolus Stephens
Paul Stewart
Katie Tate
Jonathan J. Westbrook
Brandon White

YMCA Safe Place Services

George Bell
Elizabeth Eblen
Elizabeth Graviss
Charles Hagerty
Jason Heine
David Johnson
Shawna Jones
Angela Murray
Meredith Slater
Matthew Stone
Bill Taylor
Nikki Thornton
Derwin Webb
Scott Zoppoth

Southeast Family YMCA

Steve Sexton, Chair
Diane Baldwin
Vince Gottbrath
Dexter James
Dave Kaufman
Crysten Minzenberger
John Odom
Ime Okpokho
John Oliva
Gwen Snow
Keith B. Spaulding
Aaron Thompson

Southwest Family YMCA

Steve James, Chair
Beth Bissmeyer
Allen Canterbury
Dee Cotham
Carlos Darrull
Bianca Hayes
Brent Houghton
Brandon James
Zach Johnson
Scott Kaminsky
Robin May
Lydia Mendez
Moses Mickens
Gwen Paul
Shelley Spragens
Angie Staley
Stelios Stylianou
Joe Tindle
Jamie Warfield
Eddie Weaver Jr.

Thank you to our Senior Staff!

Association Services Office

Steve Tarver - Executive Director
Robyn Beard
David Brennan
Aleksandra Desanovski-Burns
Lisa Dunlap
Vincent Edwards
Dennis Enix
Katy Ferry
Jennifer Flower
David Heard
Tammy Hopper
Austin Hresko
Ray Hupfer
Laurie Jackson
Ryan Kingery
Kristina Kluesner
Joshua Lewis
Heather McClure
Brianna O'Daniel
Audrey Roling
Autumn Sandlin
Elizabeth Smith Miller
Joshua Zimmerman

YMCA Camp Piomingo

Bridget Anderson - Executive Director
Molly Staley

Chestnut Street Family YMCA

Freddie Brown - Executive Director
Jennifer Benner
Cassondra Evans
Leah Mullaney
DeVonne Sorel
Kevin Wigginton

Clark County Family YMCA

Karen Guttmann - Executive Director
Marylynne Allen
Molly Prichard

Downtown Family YMCA

Norm Johnson - Executive Director
Chris Boyd
Keith Cottoner
Erik Mann
Brittany O'Brien

Floyd County Family YMCA

Jeff Jaehnen - Executive Director
Katy Goodman
Vera McGhee
Charlotte Simmons
Brandon Strutz

National Safe Place

Laurie Jackson - Executive Director
Autumn Sandlin
Elizabeth Smith Miller
Susan Harmon
Tammy Hopper
Shauna Brooks
Kimberly Frierson
April Carthorn
Mark Wolf
Eric Tadatada

Northeast Family YMCA

Kenny Hoerter - Executive Director
Mandee Ashcraft
Jonathan Bell
Jamie Miller
TJ Phillips
Christina Sill
Brent Wallace

YMCA at Norton Commons

Mike Bramer - Executive Director
Dillon Ganote
Kathryn Gilene
Andrea Merritt
Justine Noel
PJ Shelley

Oldham County Family YMCA

Joshua Ransdell - Executive Director
Brittany Caple
Chad Cummings
Adam Johnson

Republic Bank Foundation YMCA

Walter Walker - Executive Director
Lance Jackson

YMCA Safe Place Services

Matt Reed - Executive Director
Samuel Carroll
Quan Founder
Anna Hagan
Pretoria Lawson
Brittany Leon
Amanda Mills
Dionne McCage
Chelsea Ndiaye
Harold Shines
Linda Votaw

YMCA School-Age Child Care

Laura Lewter - Executive Director
Sharon Bryant
Karen Davis
Mary Graybeal
Terralyn Hicks
Chaelyn Lee
Lisa Middelton
Sarah Stearman
Benjamin Taylor
Brandon Yates

Southeast Family YMCA

Dotty Battoe-Hales - Executive Director
Brian Byrd
Brittany McGill
Laura Vaughan

Southwest Family YMCA

Ronnie McKiernan - Executive Director
James Dumstorf
Wendy Heistand
Jenifer Roberts

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