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To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

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Denise Stanton

In September of 2017, Denise was traveling back home from visiting her daughter and wasn’t feeling great. She went back and forth but ultimately decided to go to the doctor. At age 49 and 201 pounds, her doctor leveled with her: “Your weight...you’re too big. You’re going to have to do something to correct this. You have to exercise and you have to change your diet.”

It was a turning point for Denise and she was motivated to feel better. She had already undergone several operations on her knees and feet. She had also witnessed loved ones battling various forms of cancer. “So what happened is - I changed my life. I had to start eating right. I had to do everything correct.”

Despite being nervous, she started at the Southeast Family YMCA by treading water with weights in the pool. This built up her endurance, and eventually she was able to sustain a 45-minute workout in the water. “I know that people are afraid of the water; I was too.” She would look around the pool during her workouts and made a goal to swim into the deep end without a belt. With the support of staff and members of the Y, after six months, she did it!

Denise Stanton

She made a commitment to herself to work out at the Y diligently six days a week and drink only water. Denise lost 62 pounds in 11 months. “I feel wonderful. Like I said, I’m not a disciplined person, but I knew I wanted to live. And I had to change my life - period.”

At the Y, she not only finds herself surrounded by encouragement and compliments, but is inspired by other members’ stories. She has tried almost everything, from yoga to dancing to the treadmill. She even started a walking group at the Y. When the weather got too cold to walk outside she encouraged folks to maintain their new healthy habit and

Barb Millhollan

moved their walks inside to the treadmills. Strength training is her next goal, but she maintains her love of the water.

“The pool is really where it’s at, because you work all your muscles and it’s not hard on your legs. The water is good for you. I love the water. The water will do it! I’m a living witness.”

Alyssia Leach

The Black Achievers Program, celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2019, has a long history of helping youth view themselves in a positive way, raise academic standards, and build character while connecting them with various career options, role models, and community leaders. The program and these mentors have provided Alyssia Leach with support throughout her high school career and has set her on a solid foundation for success in college and beyond.

She credits her Black Achievers mentors with helping her develop strong time management skills. Despite a full academic schedule (including over 8 AP courses throughout her duPont Manual career, and a 4.2 GPA), Alyssia invests her time and energy into making herself and her community better through her involvement in several school and community organizations like Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), Students First, and the Black Student Union. She is also the Vice President of the Leaders of Tomorrow program sponsored by National Black MBA Association. Alyssia is also a member of the New Covanant Baptist Church where she works with the visual and audio production.

Alyssia Leach

As a result of her hard work and with the encouragement of her mentors, she has also had the ability to connect with local business leaders who provided advice and guidance as she launched two businesses.

Now with a full-ride Porter Scholarship to U of L, Alyssia can focus on the education she’s receiving instead of how she will pay for college. She has already set a course for her post-graduate work as a cosmetic chemistry major, which will continue to enhance her cosmetics company, The Black Rose Effect.

“Starting out small as a small business owner as a young business owner, people don’t take you that seriously. But when you show the work that you’ve put in and they see the results then there’s the evidence and proof in itself.”

“With the Black Achievers you are doing things that you want to do: you’re learning about things that interest you. So, in a Business Cluster session, you’re meeting CEOs from around the city, you’re connecting with them. You’re learning how they started at the bottom and got to the top, and those keys are essential to growing a business for yourself.”

Cheryl Allen

Cheryl Allen was looking for additional out-of-the-house activities for her young grandchildren when another parent recommended the YMCA Early Learning Readiness (ELR) Program. After just one session at Roosevelt-Perry Elementary School, all three were hooked, and started going two days a week.

From her own family to neighbors to church members’ children, Cheryl introduced three generations of children and parents to the ELR Program. She shared that two former program participants had such a strong foundation, that now “they’re SOARING” as kindergarteners.

In the ELR program children learn through PLAY (Planned Learning Activities for the Young) are taught basic academic skills to prepare them for preschool – but without the screens – as well as learning life skills to prepare them socially. ELR and the Y’s other academic achievement programs, like the YMCA Summer Learning Loss Prevention program, seek to provide families with much-needed educational resources at no cost.

Cheryl Allen

Guardians stay with the children during the program, which has provend to be as educational to Cheryl as it has to the children. In addition to learning better parenting techniques, she has found a diverse community of people – many from different backgrounds – with shared interests. “I’m learning from other cultures and it helps the children to be around other cultures that they might not be around in our neighborhoods.” As a result, she’s observed that both parents and children are learning that we are more alike than different. A child will discover that “children who don’t look like me on the outside, they are like me on the inside.”

She likes the proximity of Roosevelt- Perry as well as the cultural activities, like to the Speed Art Museum. “I didn’t even know the art museum had a children’s area until we went on that field trip!”

“You want to support the Y because the Y supports your community.”

Character and Ethics:
Guy Koerner

Guy has dealt with bullying and other difficulties in his 13 years, but at YMCA Camp Piomingo, he is in his element. Having been a camper for seven years, already, he feels strongly that he has found a place to call home.

Anxiety and panic attacks aren’t absent while Guy is at Camp. When they do strike, however, he has a number of trusted counselors who seem to know just what to do to help. And its not only him; Guy mentions many examples of when Piomingo staff have come to the aid of campers who were struggling, and just seemed to know exactly what the individual needed to make them feel better. They also know when to encourage campers to try something new, like a “challenge of choice.”

“Camp has definitely challenged me with doing things out of my comfort zone” like hikes, climbing, and horseback riding. “You definitely don’t have to go on a horse but they challenge you to try.”

The staff at Camp feel the same connection to Guy. YMCA Camp Piomingo’s Executive Director, Bridget Anderson, said, “Guy is a remarkable camper, and a fantastic example of the magic that happens in overnight camping.

When he first joined us he was quiet and reserved but over time found his voice and is now well-known through all of camp. Guy has become a huge part of our Y family.”

This should come as no surprise for a place where the YMCA values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility have been embedded into the culture for decades. For 80 years, Camp Piomingo has provided inspiring, engaging and educational co-ed camp programs for children ages 6-16. The 120-acre campus has been home to countless summertime memories for generations of campers, earning YMCA Camp Piomingo a reputation as one of the premier overnight camps in the region.

“It’s definitely taught me how to work with others and has definitely taught me empathy, because I feel a great bond with everyone – counselors and campers.”

Guy hopes to one day be the one providing guidance and making the camp experience better for others: “It is definitely part of my dream that one day I’ll be a camp counselor at Camp Piomingo.”

Connecting People:
George Plager

Back pain took George Plager to his chiropractor, who discovered a worrisome spot on his tailbone. After some tests, the diagnosis was in: multiple myeloma. He underwent a stem cell transplant, started his recovery at home, but was motivated to improve his health further. “I just knew I had to get back into good physical condition.” Then he discovered the LIVESTRONG at the YMCA Program at the Northeast Family YMCA.

After beginning the program, he quickly started to see progress and gain strength and endurance. In fact, the YMCA has allowed George to maintain his love for bicycling. Back in 2003, George took a 4,200-mile cross-country bike trip. But bone damage from the myeloma has made road rides dangerous for him. The Y’s interactive bikes and spin classes have allowed him to continue bicycling in a safe environment. The variety of classes, activities, and equipment were a huge draw for George and his wife, Marty.

George Plager

But then they discovered something they weren’t expecting: a community of support.

LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA allows cancer survivors the opportunity to come to the Y to heal their whole person. Cancer knows no boundaries, but we believe in the power of a strong community of support. The 12-week program empowers cancer survivors to take an active role in their own healing to move beyond illness to reclaim wellness in spirit, mind and body.

“It’s been enlightening - probably the most important part of the whole program is the support and the care and the concern the people exhibit even though they have their own problems."

“The fact that you have this community of people you never knew before and you don’t know real, real well, but you know they’re looking out for you just you makes you feel like you have worth; that you’re missed and you’re cared for. It’s an amazing feeling.”

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For the Period Ending December 31, 2018 Consolidated Financial Statement
(unaudited) (includes YMCA and National Safe Place)

Public Support

Community Contributions/Special Events $6,388,602
Metro United Way $598,701
Government & Contract Services $6,496,875


Membership Dues $23,626,689
Program Fees $19,376,166
Other $2,348,946
Total Income $58,835,979


Youth Development $18,054,947
Includes: Community Service, Safe Place Emergency Shelter, Child Care, Day and Overnight Camping, Youth Sports and Aquatics
Healthy Living $20,157,279
Includes: Youth, Teens, Adults, Seniors, Special Needs and Corporate Health
Social Responsibility $6,531,000
Includes: Black Achievers, Homeless Transitional Residence, Senior Adult Day Care and Education/Achievement Gap
Administration & Operations Management $6,125,242
Fund Raising $726,189
Total Expenses $51,594,657
Increase in Net Assets & Reserves $7,241,322
Beginning of Year End of Year
Net Assets (in millions) (audited) (unaudited)
Current Unrestricted $58.5 $63.9
Temporary Restricted $4.9 $6.7
Permanently Restricted $1.3 $1.3
Total Net Assets $64.7 $71.9


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Thank you!

Our heartfelt thanks to all of you who give your time, talent and treasure to our Y to help strengthen this community.

Thank you to our Donors!

Our YMCA works hard to make sure that everyone in our community has access to our services and the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. Each year thousands of individual and family donors provide charitable contributions to help our commitment to that promise. We cannot do it alone. Our YMCA also depends on the generosity of the following corporate sponsors and community partners, who made gifts over $5,000, in that endeavor.

$5,000 and above

Aegon Transamerica Foundation
Air Hydro Power, Inc.
American Heart Association
Ar-Hale Family Foundation
AT&T Indiana
Brown-Forman Corporation
C. E. & S. Foundation, Inc.
Chubb Charity Challenge
City of Jeffersonville, Indiana
City of New Albany, Indiana
Coalition for the Homeless
Commonwealth of Kentucky
Community Foundation of Louisville
Community Foundation of Southern Indiana
Comprehensive Health Management
V.V. Cooke Foundation
Current 360
Donald Ostermiller Trust
Etscorn Foundation
F2 Solutions, LLC
Facilities Management Services
Fidelity Charitable
Ford Motor Company/UAW Local 862

Fred B. and Opal S. Woosley Foundation
GE Consumer Products Appliances
Gheens Foundation
Herman H. Nettelroth Foundation
Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels
Humana, Inc.
ICAP Energy
IPA Foundation
Jeffersonville Urban Enterprise
Kentuckiana Allergy, P.S.C.
King Southern Bank
Kosair Charities Committee, Inc.
Leighton-Oare Foundation
Lift a Life Foundation
Lipoff Holding
Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Government
Louisville Mechanical Services
Luckett & Farley
M & M Interiors
Mahan Foundation, Inc.
Margaret E. and Stephen E. Diebold Charitable Foundation
May Wetherby Jones Foundation

Mildred V Horn Foundation
New Albany Floyd County Consolidated School Corporation
North Clark Health Care Foundation
Norton Healthcare
Papa John's Pizza
Pilot Corporation
Precor, Inc.
ProRehab Louisville Physical Therapy
Republic Bank Foundation
Robert W. Rounsavall, Jr. Family Foundation, Inc.
RSMIS Foundation
Samtec Cares Grant Program
Shepherdsville Dental
The Hazel & Walter T. Bales Foundation, Inc.
Tulsa Community Foundation
University of Kentucky
UPS Foundation, Inc.
Vanguard Charitable
White Castle
White, Greer & Maggard, P.S.C.
YMCA of the USA
Zoeller Pump Company

Thank you to our Board Members!

YMCA Association Board of Directors

Tricia Burke, Board Chair
James R. Allen
Bill Barber
Barry Barker
Cheryl Bruner
Stacey Church
Tray E. Cockerell
Greg DeMuth
Christopher M. Ecken
Gaylee Gillim
Robert S. Harlow, Jr.
Howard Holloman, Jr.
Kim Holobaugh
Betty Kinzer
Thomas D. Kmetz
Barbara N. Lankford
Mary McKinley
Pat Northam
Martin Padgett
G. Bradley Smith
David Tandy
Debbie Wesslund
James R. Williamson
Hala Ziady
Scott P. Zoppoth


J. McFerran Barr
Niels O. Ewing
Gene P. Gardner
Robert L. Hook, Jr.
Joseph A. Paradis, III
Edward W. Rhawn
Robert W. Rounsavall, III
James H. Taylor

Bullitt County Family YMCA

Jeremy Willis, Chair
Raelyn Adkins
Lee Barger
Mark Benton
Stacey Bernard
Caleb Buege
Tony Hall
Sheri Hamilton
Katie Lloyd
Wendy McCutcheon
Sarah McDade
Liz McGuire
Alex Meincken
Matthew Mooney
Lou Ann Moore
Daniel Schneider
Kathleen Seger
Olivia Stivers
Whitney Wurzel

YMCA Camp Piomingo

Jennie Jean Davidson
Jill Beasley
Dawn Diehl
Emily Franck
Barb Hawley
Christopher Hawpe
Lisa Hirsch
Damara Jenkins
Rebecca Matheny
Cheryl Matthews
Angie Wegman

Chestnut Street Family YMCA

Doug Phillips, Chair
Yeshira Barnes
Nuchelle Beck
Kevin Bruce, Sr.
Marque Carey
CoTrina Day
Alvin Flowers
Furman Glenn, Sr.
Ken Howard
J’Aime Jennings
Kronski Jones
Alexis Mack
Kirstie Matzek
Christina Peace
Henry Doug Phillips
Shawn Price
Wanda Ramsey
Warren Shelton
Shawnda Styles
Marietta Thompson
Corenza Townsend
Darryl VanCleave
Ryan Weathers

Clark County Family YMCA

Teresa Couts, Chair
Kim Baker
Denise Boesche
Ron Clark
Anne Darku
Candice Evans
Jan Finch
Judy Gettelfinger
Michael Gillenwater
Claire Johnson
Jessica Jones
Mario Matakovic
Jessica Matlock
Charlie Neal
Donna Reed
Amanda Thompson
Dustin White
Melissa Wilson

Downtown Family YMCA

Vicki Zeller, Chair
Luis Aju
Amy Bailey
Brian Bartell
Charles Cash
Gaylee Gillim
Mark Greer
John Hammond
Tobi Hammond
Robert S. Harlow, Jr.
Tom Hayes
Jessica Holman
Nydia Hoskins
Andrea Hunt
Martin Kinney
Zimple Kurlawala
Helene Kramer Longton
Maurice Ludwick
James Olden
Ray Parella
Jessica Pollio
Tiffany Smith
Trevor Smith
Austin Turner
Dan Whitis

Floyd County Family YMCA

Mark Truman, Chair
John Abel
Dave Barksdale
Paul Chrisco
Margaret Duncan
Frances Fach
Louis Jensen
Theresa Johnson
Irving Joshua
Ellen Sparrow
Steve Stiller

National Safe Place

Michael Fitz, Chair
Joel Baker
Gary Colen
Gina Digioia
Mark Giuffre
Pat Holterman-Hommes
Jeff Lenard
Ramon Looby
Janet Ramey
Ferdinand Risco, Jr.
Lauren Sherry
Michelle Tutunjian
James Wallace
Gayle Watts

Northeast Family YMCA

Rudy Havira, Chair
Jerri Anderson
Katrine Andreasen
Mary Ante
Meredith Barnes
Cleo Battle
Bev Beckman
Jennifer Bell
Anna Bruno
Dale Burnham
Stephanie Carr
Gregory Caudill
Valerie Chinn
Robert Clark
Whitney Conely
Andrew Daley
Jenny Davis
Mary Helen Davis

Northeast Family YMCA Cont'd.

Jennifer Donelson
Brian Driscoll
Shannon Drown
Lori Fitzgerald
Brian Gelfo
Barbie Gilbert
Billie Gosney
Rudy Havira
Michelle Heindselman
Andrea Higgins
Dorothy Inman
Eron Jaber
Jim Jackson
Brent Johnson
Stephanie Johnson
Christopher A. Jones
Anthony Kennedy
Brian Koetter
Jerrod Kraft
Bonnie Laughlin
Jeremy LeGare
Semra Meredith
Stephanie Morgan-White
Portia Moss
Matt Muller
Michael Ngong
N'Namdi Paskins
Lea Ann Pipes
Alex Rohleder
Elizabeth Ross
Hannah Sankey
Megan Schulte
Joseph Skidmore
Krista Streips
Stephanie Sturgeon
Katie Tate
Jessica Tretter
Melanie Vittitow
Stephanie Weidenborner
Jeffrey Wernert
Brandon White
Kenya Whitfield
Lisa Fay Wildeboor
Katie Wilkinson
Matthew Wilkinson
Donna Willoughby

YMCA at Norton Commons

Vince Esposito, Chair
Sheryl Atekha
Yvonne Austin
Arlene Baluyut
Paula Barmore
Heather Weston Bell
David Boyce
Marcia Boyce
Steve Church
John Derr
Jessica Dowe
Morgan Getz
Michael Gray
Stacie Grossfeld
Andy Gunkler
Mike Hawboldt
Nate Jarrell
Bill Johnson
Jarad Key
Mark Lindemoen
Henry Maley
Jack Matthews
Travis Mayo
Ryan Miranda
Jeff Moulton
Lisa Oare Neale
Ashley Porter
Diana Quesada
Miles Rodriguez
Ben Shown
Matt Storm
Purna Veer
Allyson Vitato
Tom Walton
Shane Wentz

Oldham County Family YMCA

Keith Seymour, Chair
Ed Basquill
Joni Bottorff
Emily Byrd
Charles Churchill
Dennis Clause
Nick Curcio
Ty Dayoc
Ethan DeVasier
Lauren Esterly
Matthew Evans
Howard Ferriell
Eric Friggle
Hannah Gailey
Jim Griffin
Lee Hamilton, Jr.
Lee Hamilton, Sr.
Dani Jerome
Austin Johnson
Robert Kirtland
Tim Klein
Michelle Massey
Christ Medina
Rick Noel
Natalie Pasquenza
Jay Poole
Tiffany Quinones
Charlotte Reeder
Basil Skarski
Don Smith
Nickolus Stephens
Jim Townsend
Mark Viehmann
Jonathan Westbrook
Brandon White
Skip Miller

YMCA Safe Place Services

Roberta Hartlage, Chair
George Bell
Dave Brennan
Yvette Bright
Peter Cummins
Elizabeth Eblen
Charlie Hagerty
Jason Heine
David Johnson
Shawna Jones
Ben Langley
Angela Murray
Jeff Virant
Scott Zopporth

Southeast Family YMCA

Steve Sexton, Chair
Rev. Diane Baldwin
Brian Evans
Doug Gardner
Vince Gottbrath
Kate Harpring
Dave Kaufman
Lois Kaufman
Daniel Linton
Crysten Minzenberger
Anna Mulvey
David Mulvey
John Odom
John Olivia
Brad Pfister
Paula Pilgrim
Keith Spaulding
Aaron Thompson
Gerald Wyman

Southwest Family YMCA

Stephen James, Chair
Beth Bissmeyer
Allen Canterbury
Dee Cotham
Carlos Darrull
Bianca Hayes
Brent Houghton
Brandon James
Susan Jessel
Zach Johnson
Scott Kaminsky
Robin May
Lydia Mendez
Gwen Paul
Shelley Spragens
Angie Staley
Stelios Stylianou
Joe Tindle
Andrea Trujillo
Jamie Warfield
Eddie Weaver, Jr.
Jessica Wilkett

Thank you to our Senior Staff!

Association Services Office

Steve Tarver, President and CEO
Melanie Cox
Lisa Dunlap
Dennis Enix
Becky Gamm
Joe Goins, Jr.
David Heard
David Hughes
Ray Hupfer
Ryan Kingery
Lesley Kinney
Gail Lyttle
AJ McQuillen
Andy Pierce
Audrey Roling
Joshua Zimmerman

Bullitt County Family YMCA

Justin Guest, Executive Director
Sharon Bryant
Brittany McGill
Justin McPherson
Chris O'Brien

YMCA Camp Piomingo

Bridget Anderson, Executive Director
Sharon Acuna
Michelle Banks
Theresa Banks
Becca Byers
Molly Staley

Chestnut Street Family YMCA

Freddie Brown, District Executive Director
Jennifer Benner
Andrea Goins
Lynn Johnson
Eunice Lockhart
Denisha Long
Colita Moore
Leah Mullaney
Carolyn Polk

Clark County Family YMCA

Karen Guttmann, Executive Director
Tanya Bell
Mitch Brooks
Jennifer Harris
Vera McGhee
George Villarreal

Downtown Family YMCA

Norman Johnson, District Executive Director
Chris Boyd
Keith Cottoner
Jennifer Davidson
Natalie Greenwell
Brittney Heise
Steven Jessie
Erik Mann
Kathy Mieczkowski
Katrina Moore
Brittany O’Brien
Haley Parton

Floyd County Family YMCA

Jeff Jaehnen, District Executive Director
Julie Blocher
Meredith Clipp-Rodriguez
Katy Goodman
Sam Hennegan
Barbara Morris
Ashley Schmidt
Charlotte Simmons
Brandon Strutz
Alli Woosley

National Safe Place

Laurie Jackson, Executive Director
Sherry Casey
TC Cassidy
April Cathorn
Kim Frierson
Susan Harmon
Tammy Hopper
Hillary Ladig
Elizabeth Smith Miller
Autumn Sandlin
Shauna Stubbs
Eric Tatadata
Mark Wolf

Northeast Family YMCA

Kenny Hoerter, District Executive Director
Tracie Colvin, Associate Executive Director
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Terry Baker
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Deanna Fairfield
Jennifer Giannone
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Laurie Madden
Shonna Sargent
Walter Walker
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Loren Wingfeld

YMCA at Norton Commons

Mike Bramer, District Executive Director
Gayl Anderson
Dotty Battoe Hales
Logan Fausnaugh
Katy Ferry
Brian Flower
Lance Jackson
Nick Marro
Lisa Matterna
Andrea Merritt
Jamie Miller
Rema Polsgrove

Oldham County Family YMCA

Josh Ransdell, Executive Director
Brittany Caple
Chad Cummings
Jen Flower
Jordan Gagel
Adam Johnson
Beth Kempf
Josh Lewis
Heidi Molinari
Nichole Porch
Mike Wells
Meredith Wise
Karen Wyatt

YMCA Safe Place Services

Matt Reed, Executive Director
Brittany Bryant
Tricia Hamilton Eskridge
Sarah Cole Graham
Alicia Nuñez
Andrea Stevens

YMCA School-Age Child Care

Laura Lewter, Executive Director
Brandon Yates, Associate Executive Director
Michelle Davis
Mary Graybeal
Terralyn Hicks
Jeremy Jones
Chaelyn Lee
John Lincoln
Lisa Middelton
Valerie Slaten
Sarah Stearman
Ben Taylor

Southeast Family YMCA

Tom Whortan, Executive Director
Brian Byrd
Peggy Donnelly
Robbie Evans
Jordan Gagel
Debbie Hancox
Kristina Kluesner
Tanna Trollinger
Kaylei Weedman

Southwest Family YMCA

Ronnie McKiernan, Executive Director
Brent Beasley
Ashtyn Begley
Megan Metcalf
Jacob Morris
Missey Mussler
Jenifer Roberts
Kelli Shultz

Our Branches

545 South Second Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40202

409 Joe B. Hall Avenue
P.O. Box 846
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1950 Otter Creek Park Road
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toll-free 800.411.5822

930 West Chestnut Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40203

4812 Hamburg Pike
Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130

555 South Second Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40202

33 State Street
New Albany, Indiana 47150

12330 Shelbyville Road
Louisville, Kentucky 40243

2429 Crittenden Drive
Louisville, Kentucky 40217

9400 Mill Brook Road
Louisville, Kentucky 40223

11000 Brownsboro Road
Prospect, KY 40059

20 Quality Place
Buckner, Kentucky 40010

2400 Crittenden Drive
Louisville, Kentucky 40217

2411 Bowman Avenue
Louisville, Kentucky 40217

5930 Six Mile Lane
Louisville, Kentucky 40218

2800 Fordhaven Road
Louisville, Kentucky 40214

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